Our Place

Our property consists of 10.74 acres. Originally an island, a causeway was built to provide road access and in 1972 the house and outbuildings were constructed.

The lush foliage provides a veil of privacy and the marshland and river ensure our continued solitude.

Beaver River

Beaver River meanders through our front yard. It is slow-flowing and shallow with a depth of less than a meter, and a width ranging from 15 to 60 meters.


We live in the midst of the Beaver River wetlands. Beaver River has a wide floodplain which contains marshland, swamp areas and lowland forests. With the exception of transecting roads, the floodplain is unbroken.

Beaver River Trail

The Beaver River Trail is adjacent to our property. The trail runs along a portion of abandoned railway bed. Accessible year-round, it offers a scenic and peaceful path that merges with the Trans Canada Trail to the south, and passes through Sunderland to the north.


Protected by mature trees and overlooking the river, it is like living at the cottage, but with all the comforts of home.


The barn is charming, and although in need of some restoration, the structure is sound and will likely stand for a century or more.


A handyman’s retreat. Insulated and fully heated, the workshop provides plenty of space and year round comfort to repair, invent, experiment, or play.

Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail is the world’s longest network of trails. When completed, the Trail will stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans. Today more than 15,500 km of trail have been developed. Millions are using the Trail to hike, cycle, ski, canoe, horseback ride, and snowmobile.

Sunderland – Then

Founded in 1822, Sunderland is a small agricultural community located approximately 100 km (60 miles) north east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sunderland is a thriving community of small business that focus primarily on the needs of the surrounding rural families.

Sunderland – Now

Sunderland hosts the annual Maple Syrup Festival in April and the annual Sunderland Agricultural Fall Fair in September, the latter of which has been held annually since the 1850s. The town has changed very little in the last century.